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Just Love It!

this is the best thing glad you have the pure black,can't wait to try it.

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Results may vary from customer to customer.

By Roudina

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Green Coffee 8000(18 Sachets)[1 Box]
I love this green coffee it tastes great and has such wonder...
Results may vary from person to person

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Customer Testimonials - *results may vary from person to person

Testimonial by: Rosie of Sydney

Date added: 09/05/2010

Title: Keep up the good work!

Hi Ardie and girls, Just a quick note to let you know I have received my order so promptly and efficiently and I thank you so much for your business etiquette and professionalism. I will not hesitate at all to refer my friends to your site and hopefully I may be able to send business your way. Thank you again for everything and look forward to future business with you. Keep up the good work!! Rosie

Testimonial by: Jenny Clifton of Canberra

Date added: 28/12/2009

Title: Love Your Products

I lost 10 kg thanks to Leptin Green Coffee 800... Cannot recommend this product and site enough.. Order you won't be sorry!

Testimonial by: Wendy Scott of North Rockhampton

Date added: 19/08/2010

Title: Mrs

Hi Emma, Thanks for a great product and a great service. Myself and my husband have been on the coffee 800 for about 2 weeks now and we both feel that we have lost weight. I have recently just ordered some more coffee, should be here today. I am also trying the Detox Foot Patch, will let you know later how that went. Thanks heaps, Wendy

Testimonial by: Maria of Sydney

Date added: 27/01/2012

Title: fast delivery

So happy with the service, I have placed my order Monday before midnight and received the product after 2days awesomeness!!! Thanks Emma :)

Testimonial by: Nina of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 19/05/2013

Title: ms

Hi Emma thank you for the samples, im currently taking the greencoffee 800 and its working im really amazed, its curbing my appetite, I do not feel hungry every minute, im not snacking im not craving carbs its been two days where im just eating normal I really feel I can continue with this product just one a day is all your need, I wana lose some weight will let you know how I go, thanks! they should of invented this ages ago!

Testimonial by: Rena of Melbourne

Date added: 23/11/2010

Title: Very pleasing results

I've tried all your products - the Green Coffee, Green Tea and now the Slimming Hot Chocolate. I prefer the hot chocolate best for taste, but that is a subjective thing. All your products WORK which is the main thing, people can then decide which taste they prefer. I have lost about 5kgs over a few months and am so pleased to no longer have that STARVING feeling I used to suffer from. I can honestly say that I never feel very hungryany more. I eat less now and try to eat more sensibly (but not obsessively). Been walking a bit but not really into exercise so this product is perfect for me! Feeling great & fit into some jeans that I was about to throw out because they've been too tight for years. Fantastic product - the answer to my prayers!

Testimonial by: jessica heib of adelaide

Date added: 12/06/2012

Title: miss

thanks for the fast delivery of my hot choc drinks. im extremely excited about using them as others from work have been losing weight from your products. im very happy with the taste aswell : )

Testimonial by: Hannah of sydney

Date added: 01/05/2010

Title: I have lost 4.5kg – and probably have another 10kg to go

I have only recently tried the Green Coffee 800 – about a month now. A few of us girls from work started out together – we have all lost weight and very happy so far. Some more than others, but this is always the case!! WE are motivating each other – so its good support. I have lost 4.5kg – and probably have another 10kg to go. One of the other girls has lost about 10kg– and is doing extremely well. This is the most weight she’s lost in such a short time. Was wondering if you had any tips regarding the coffee – I do most times drink between 2-3 litres everyday!! Try to eat healthier – but admittedly have not been going to gym like I normally would due to work commitments. I have my coffee first thing in the morning with about 100mls of water. Many thanks Hope you have a good day Hannah :o)

Testimonial by: Jayde Cunningham of QLD

Date added: 10/08/2010

Title: Miss

Ive been 82kg since I started high school in 2001, because nothing Ive tried has worked Id given up. A friend of mine has tried this product and recommended I give it a go so heres to my last hope of budging this weight. I placed my order yesterday bout lunchtime so fingers crossed it arrives today so I can get started. Very excited!

Testimonial by: Kerri

Date added:

Title: Ms

Hi there, Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the very speedy delivery of my product. I couldn't believe how fast it got here. I only ordered it two days ago and it turned up this morning, which surprised me especially since I live in a little country town. I'd also like to say a big thanks for the free samples you sent, they were a nice little surprise. I started my green coffee 8000 ritual this morning and I look forward to reporting any results that I may have.... I'm pretty excited about this stuff so wish me luck. I have to admit though, it did take some researching to make sure that I found a reputable website to order from, but thankfully I found yours. Anyway, thanks again xx Kerri xx

Testimonial by: Manal of sydney

Date added: 20/04/2010

Title: Thank you very much!

Hi Emma Thank you very much, I have received the order this morning. You guys give a great service Thank you, once again. I Would recommend you to all my friends. Regards Manal

Testimonial by: Souzan of sydney

Date added: 19/04/2013

Title: My Experience

Hello my name is Souzan, I would like to talk about my experience while using the Green Coffee for losing weight. I started using these sachets around 20 days ago, and I started to witness the changes that were occurring as a result. Since using this product, I was able to control my appetite and actually started losing weight! I started weighing my self everyday to see how much kilos I've lost, to my surprise I have lost around 4 kilos in about 15 days! This made more determined to lose even more weight, I started eating healthier meals and smaller portions. My diet included fresh salads, grilled chicken, lean meat and fish. I stopped eating sweets and fattening food. Now after 20 days, I have lost 5 kilos and ambitious to lose even more! Never knew the effect of losing weight has on me, I'm more confident and of course happier! This experience makes me want to tell everyone about it and about the satisfying results, I truly recommend everyone to purchase them as they have controlled my appetite and that continuous feeling of hunger. This was proven to me when I walked past an aisle full of chocolate at the shops and I felt that I don't feel like it since my appetite is not asking for what I used to crave for, especially when I'm a chocolate lover myself. Nevertheless, as I said before I recommend this amazing product to everyone who's suffering from their weight. Now my morning and evening cup of coffee is my favourite drink everyday:)

Testimonial by: Ameria Iakopo Au123814 Au123815 Au123816 of Malaysia

Date added: 25/07/2010



Testimonial by: Audrey of Auckland, New Zealand

Date added: 19/05/2010

Title: Thanks a lot for your lovely customer service

Thanks a lot Tanya/Emma for your lovely customer service re all this. No rush. Tomorrow is fine. I know whats it like when your busy at work! Take care and many thanks again. Kind Regards Audrey

Testimonial by: Bianca Gissing

Date added:

Title: Best Shop For Slimming Green Coffee

Speedy delivery and genuine honest customer service. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.. Loved the samples. B

Testimonial by: Kaylene Power of Sydney

Date added: 26/05/2010

Title: TY Tanya & Emma

Tanya it's Kaylene Power I called about my order placed on 15/05/2010. Just letting you know that I have received this afternoon. Thanks for your & Emma's help over the last few days. Kaylene :-)

Testimonial by: Dino Dlakic of Sydney

Date added: 11/02/2010

Title: Order with confidence

Excellent, fast, and secure service. Top product and very helpful staff. I will be ordering again! A++

Testimonial by: Sharon

Date added:

Title: Love Your Site & Fast Service!

I would like too say how easy your site was to use and how efficient your product was sent to me I am very impressed. Thank you so much. Regards Sharon

Testimonial by: Veronica Blake of Brisbane

Date added: 10/03/2010

Title: I'm a Perfect fit!

Green Coffee 800 is a wonder product. I lost 6kg in one month.. I can finally wear my entire wardrobe again..Well the good part of my wardrobe..LLOL.. Losing weight has never been easier! Thank You for the great product and fast delivery.

Testimonial by: Christine Ryan of perth

Date added: 14/04/2010

Title: Only Ordering From You!

I had so many problems ordering from a chinese website, they took almost 3.5 weeks to ship my order. GRRR! I had my order from you the next day. Love your service! Chris

Testimonial by: Bec

Date added:

Title: Miss

Excellent customer service and very fast transaction and postage. Highly reccomended!

Testimonial by: Tarryn

Date added:

Title: So Efficient!

Hi Ardie, Thanks so much. So efficient J Tarryn

Testimonial by: Denise A. of Sydney

Date added: 16/12/2012

Title: Mrs.

To whom it may concern, I would like to thank you for the extra box of green coffee I received in my order. It was a great surprise especially so close to Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Thanks Denise

Testimonial by: Greg Wallace of Sydney

Date added: 18/01/2010

Title: Has it all

Received my order in two days.. Love the speed and authentic products..Awsome Price! A happy customer is a repeat customer.. Recommended!

Testimonial by: Rachel of NSW

Date added: 11/07/2010


I decided to purchase green coffee 800 after talking to a girlfriend who was blown away by a friend of hers who had lost a LOT of weight using this product. I was highly sceptical to say the least as there are SO many so called miracle weightloss products on the market that have proved to be a BIG waste of money. I took the plunge and decided to purchase from Emma Vita as I noted this business was listed as an 'Authorised Retail Stockist' on the Australian Leptin Site.. I didn't want to risk purchasing a fake. I received my green coffee in great time after a very easy transaction (thanks!). I weighed myself before I started consuming the product. It tastes ok.. just like a weakend version of one of those instant coffee packs you can buy from the supermarket (like Jarrah etc). Ok.. so after 5 days I got curious and jumped back on the scales.. to my absolute surprise I had lost a kilo.. 1 whole kilo in 5 days! I was excited and impressed. But then I became skeptical again and paranoid.. how the hell does one lose 1kg in 5 days??!! I was convinced the product had to be laced with some form of amphetamine (I know.. paranoid lol).. so I went as far as purchasing a home oral drug test (you can laugh.. it's ok!). Well after taking the drug test I was stunned by the NEGATIVE results.. no amphetamine present. So now I am content & happy to just be 'excited & extremely impressed!'

Testimonial by: Juliet Green of Adelaide

Date added: 08/04/2010

Title: Ms

Thank you so much for arranging the express post for my order which arrived this morning after only placing my order late yesterday. I am so impressed with the prompt and friendly service I have received. Will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and will certainly be ordering from you again.

Testimonial by: Mandy Shailer of Townsville

Date added: 27/08/2010

Title: Great Service

Great service. Prompt delivery and informative brochures sent with each product. Also a few samples which were great too.

Testimonial by: Evonne of Sydney

Date added: 08/01/2014

Title: Love your Thoughfull Weight Loss Products!

Good Afternoon, i received my order today. Just wanted to send a quick email to say the lids of the bottles (green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia) are genius! its so great as i get so annoyed by constantly twisting lids, and these just pop up! Your company must have great attention to details to get even the bottle lids right :) thank you

Testimonial by: Lee-Ann Evans of BENDIGO

Date added: 04/08/2010

Title: mrs

recieved Green Coffee 800, 3 days ago and have lost almost 2kg's....i have restricted eating junk food in that time... so give it a go what have you got to loose...other than your weight.. LOL

Testimonial by: Lilly Chan

Date added:

Title: Love your Service!

Thank you so much for all your helpful answers on the telephone and super fast shipping..I will be ordering from you again! Lilly

Testimonial by: Liana Guo of Sydney

Date added: 12/08/2010

Title: Miss

Hi ordered 2 box and have had it for 5 days now, I found it really help with with suppressing my appetite, I'm not that craving for sweet and food. Hope I'll loose a few kg soon.

Testimonial by: Meredith Kokula of Perth

Date added: 05/04/2010

Title: Real product & Real Fast Shipping

I have ordered green coffee 800 from a few places after hearing so much about it, but you were the only shop that made me feel assured of the authenticity of this product. Thank You again for posting it out to me so quickly!

Testimonial by: Jane of Sydney

Date added: 20/04/2010

Title: Thank you for being so prompt!

received the coffee today....thank you for being so prompt. regards jane

Testimonial by: Prata

Date added:

Title: Consistantly Great Service!

Hello All, This is just to say thank you for a very fast delivery of my Leptin Green Coffee,I used the product before and was happy with your service.I would recommend you to everybody.Hope is going to work for me and lose some weight. Thanks again. Regards, Adriana

Testimonial by: Tess of Sydney

Date added: 17/08/2012

Title: Lost 20kg Before My Wedding

Perfect Ardie, appreciate your help. I have gone to long without them and put on a bit to much weight since the move to Sydney L I lost 20 kilos before my wedding using the coffee so time to get back on it. Appreciate your help, I will order it today. Have a great day Tess

Testimonial by: Ninad of Matraville

Date added: 24/07/2010

Title: ohh my goodnesssssss

soooo fast... i placed my order on the 20th and got it on the 22nd. Ardie so friendly on the phone :) this is a great place to shop, i would recommend it to evrybody. you guys have a great day :)

Testimonial by: Hazel Holland of Perth, W.A

Date added: 14/08/2010

Title: Mrs

Hi, just writing to advise that I received my order yesterday. Since I started taking the coffee today, I have had so much energy and surprisingly haven't snacked at all the whole day. I hope to come and share how I go in 2 weeks. Love the taste of the coffee too. Thanks a lot guys

Testimonial by: Cheryl

Date added:

Title: Unreal Delivery Time!

Good evening I ordered my 4 packets of Green Coffee – Pure Black yesterday afternoon and they were delivered to my front door at 9.15am this morning……that is unreal!! Thank you so much. Started drinking it this morning, so hope I have great success in my weight loss Regards Cheryl T. Swansea NSW

Testimonial by: Helen D of Sydney, NSW

Date added: 28/07/2010

Title: Mrs

Wow what great service, I ordered one day and had it the next and your prices are amazing. I'm so glad I found you guys - my local beauty salon charges almost double. I have tried an Asian slimming coffee and it tasted aweful - this tastes great. I'll let you know how I go and I will definately be coming back here to buy more. THANKS!!!!!

Testimonial by: Jenni Woods of Sydney

Date added: 14/06/2010

Title: I have lost 8kgs so far.

Morning, I am making an enquiry about the pure black coffee. We brought some a while ago and we paid $99 for 10 boxes was this a once of special or can we purchase it at this price could you please let me know as I need to buy some. Regards Jenni P.S. I have lost 8kgs so far.

Testimonial by: Jane of Townsville

Date added: 09/12/2010

Title: Mrs

I have been drinking the green coffee religiously for 3mths to the day and have lost 5kgs. I dont exersize as I dont have time, I believe if I did the weight would even come off quicker. I try to have a balanced diet and drink water.The best thing I have found about this drink is that it most definatley suppresses the appetite. I have lost all cravings! Amazing and I have now also got my mum on it and she also agrees that it definatley works. Thanks Ema Vita for supplying this great product, it is a winner all round and I encourage others to try it. Thumbs up from me.

Testimonial by: Maribel Jachmann of adelaide

Date added: 13/10/2010

Title: great customer service

I have been using green coffee 800 for the last three months, i am continously losing weight and feeling great, now i convinced my husband to try and he is now drinking the green coffee black. The products are great, always delivered so quick and a very good customer service. I would like to thank you Ardie for your quick reply, i got the replacement green coffee and the compliment box of weight loss chocolate to try. Happy to recommend you and your products. Thanks.

Testimonial by: Oliver Trako of Sydney

Date added: 22/12/2009

Title: A+++ Service

Highly Recommended...The fastest service from an online store to date and brilliant slimming Green Coffee. I lost 7kg in 4 weeks.. I am all smiles!!

Testimonial by: Sandra of sydney

Date added: 21/04/2010

Title: Thank You Emma!

Thank you so much for the prompt response, I received the package the following day Have a nice day.

Testimonial by: Cathy of bankstown

Date added: 11/07/2010

Title: To losing 10kg by summer

No Enquiry, just a thank you for the quick delivery of my order. I will be using your site in the future:) Here's to me losing 10 kgs by summer! Thanks again. Cathy

Testimonial by: Brooke hayes of QLD

Date added: 30/08/2011

Title: Ms

I have just had my first sachet of coffee 800 and for some one who is not a coffee drinker i really enjoyed the taste!! Am very excited to start seeing some results.

Testimonial by: diane Haabjoern of sydney

Date added: 11/03/2013

Title: keep up the good work!

hi my order has arrived and I would like to say thankyou for my free samples of improved COFFEE 8000 Iwas thinking my daughter and I are rather desperate for her to lose weight as she is suffering depression alot of this is due to her disease Hashimoto’s which is a thyroid problem and makes you gain weight like people have said to me in the past weight gain cn be a hormone imbalance in her case that is true she doesnt eat anything that would cause weight gain and it used to be the opposite no matter what she ate she couldn’t put on weight I was just curious to know if you have heard of this condition and wheetheryou know anyone who has tried your products withany positive results who suffers from hashimotos its a very debilatating desease and causes depression for alot of sufferesand anything that may help is wonderful as you can imagine anything that helps with weight loss is a blessing for alot of people so kepp up the good work Yours in health diane Haabjoern

Testimonial by: Lisa Mitchell of Geelong

Date added: 19/03/2010

Title: TY for the Samples!

Thank you so much for sending the samples with my order. I will tell all my friends about your products. L.

Testimonial by: joan ureta of vic

Date added: 28/07/2010

Title: cant wait

i just order some coffee and chocolate today... i cant wait to lose even just 5 kls.... i want to wear again my old favorite jeans and i have hope this coming aug my son's bday im not shy to take a picture with thanks to u guys....

Testimonial by: Cath of melbourne

Date added: 11/05/2010

Title: Oh My Goodness!

Oh My Goodness... Thank you so very much for your prompt service...Amazing. I only ordered yesterday & I received my goodys this morning. Cant wait to get started Kind Regards Cath

Testimonial by: Richelle

Date added:


Hey EMMA and ARDIE! I have received my order, ordered it on SAT night and arrived on TUE. GOOD STUFF! =)

Testimonial by: Maree of Western Australia

Date added: 23/04/2010

Title: Here's to a slimmer me

Good afternoon, I would like to advise that i have just received my coffee Here's to a slimmer me (I hope :) ) Kind regards Maree

Testimonial by: Helen of australia

Date added: 01/08/2010

Title: Thank You

Hi, I would just like to say thankyou for my order. I only ordered yesterday and received it first thing this morning, that's fantastic service. Thanks again! Helen

Testimonial by: Paul Wylde of Sydney

Date added: 17/02/2010

Title: Impressive Service

Received both my slimming cocoa and tea in record time. I lost two belt sizes in 5 weeks. This site is full of effective weight loss products. Feel Good Again!..

Testimonial by: Lynne Crebert of Maitland NSW

Date added: 25/01/2011

Title: Mrs

I have ordered the Green Coffee several times from this site, the service is second to none, it usually arrives the next day, and I love the coffee, Great job, very happy customer here!

Testimonial by: Samantha Turner of new zealand

Date added: 19/04/2010

Title: Online Shopping the way it ought to be!

Thank you so much Tanya for helping me over the phone and dispatching the order so quickly. You make internet shopping a real joy! p.s. Loved your samples. xoxox Sammy

Testimonial by: Rod Gould

Date added:

Title: Cheers Ardie! Good On Ya MATE!

Good on ya mate! Received shipment in good time and good condition and thanks for the samples. Much appreciated. Rod G.

Testimonial by: Francoise Amethyste Bosshard of Crows Nest

Date added: 23/02/2011

Title: Ms

Hi Ardi & the team Just want to say a big thank you for making my shopping experience a good one.. I ordered a ionic footspa for myself, and gave it to my work colleague (for an early birthday present). Decided to purchase another 3 - one for my mum in sydney, one for my dad in north brissy and one for me.. I was so impressed with the quick delivery and the easy payment system (credit card) etc... Thought Id share my appreciation with everyone as I am a novice at this type of online shopping... Keep up the good work and I will spread the word you guys rock :) Keep safe Fab

Testimonial by: Roudina of QLD

Date added: 22/01/2013

Title: Just Love It!

this is the best thing glad you have the pure black,can't wait to try it.

Testimonial by: Alexa Stevanja of Melbourne

Date added: 17/02/2014

Title: Thanks!

Thank you always for everything!! Lexi

Testimonial by: jules of sydney

Date added: 01/05/2010

Title: now 16 kg later and weighing 60kg I am a very happy woman

Hi I have been using the product now since last OCT 2009, and now 16 kg later and weighing 60kg I am a very happy woman. Alot of my friends are now on the product at my work palce. thanks Jules

Testimonial by: janine taylor

Date added:

Title: thank you Ardie

Thank you so much for helping me with my order. My sister will be ordering from you as well. Janine.

Testimonial by: amelia latimer of moree

Date added: 02/10/2010

Title: Amelia

hey all! I received my green coffee 800 about two days after ordering it, very very quick response :) I tried it today for the first time, i have eaten breakfast and just had dinner which is very very unlike me !! Usually ive eaten for three by now, but i can honestly say i dont feel hungry at all, i also dont feel tired or lazy as i usually do on a weekend-i've now got my fiance drinking it (and he is a health nut) as he believes its working well for him as well. Ive recommended to my friends who also tell me they are putting orders in! Thanks and wish me luck for 10 kilos before bon jovi in december!! Amelia

Testimonial by: Julijana Ristanceski of Melbourne

Date added: 18/02/2010

Title: Finally weight loss products that actually work

Tried another site and got ripped off with ordinary service and fake products. This site is the real deal. Can't go worng with original products and top prices.. A + + + + +

Testimonial by: Kathy Syam

Date added:

Title: I am excited about using the Pure HYALURONIC ACID

Hi Emma, Many thanks for the fantastic service in providing my order so promptly. I am excited about using the Pure HYALURONIC ACID. I have regular fortnightly facials and my beautician uses a mask made by “Princess” which is only available to practitioners (bugger) which has this product in it and my skin feels absolutely fantastic for about the following 10 days. I asked her all about the mask and she said that anything/product with HYALURONIC ACID is great for hydrating skin. So I came home and did a web search and found you and the Pure HYALURONIC ACID. FYI, I will cut and paste the link for you to view the product/mask that she uses, it is BRILLIANT ! Thank you also, very much for the complimentary Cerutox which I am also excited about using. I am sorry about having to bother you in assisting in opening the bottle/s. I would REALLY like to try the Green Coffee 8000 but not being a coffee drinker as such I am a little concerned that I will waste it if I buy a box from you. Would it be at all possible for you to post me a VERY small sample (just enough for one cup) to try? I will give you feedback in a couple of weeks’ time on the HYALURONIC ACID and Cerutox. Thanks again for your great customer service, assistance and advice. Kind regards, Kathy Syam

Testimonial by: Emily

Date added:

Title: best customer service in a long time

Hi Ardie, Thank you so much for your help. This has been the best customer service I have received in a very long time, I really appreciate it. Regards, Emily

Testimonial by: Marita Lunn of Morayfield

Date added: 11/11/2010

Title: Mrs

I can't believe the helpful service you people give, and the promp service, i order it and have it within two days. I order the green coffee 800 and absolutely love the taste, it takes away all food cravings and really detoxes my body, i feel so good for it, WELL DONE EMMA VITA PTY LTD.

Testimonial by: Haydee Stevens of Melborune

Date added: 17/02/2014

Title: Thank You So Much!

Hi Edi and Renata. I hope the festive season gave you some time to relax and enjoy the things that matter most to you. Thank you for looking after me for several years now and for years to come. I hope this finds you both in good health and happiness.

Testimonial by: lesley smith of australia

Date added: 20/10/2010

Title: mrs

wow very fast postage, will be starting coffee in the morning, weighing 105 kilos now, will let you know how I progress thanks heaps

Testimonial by: candy kim of chatswood

Date added: 03/07/2010

Title: i love this coffee

when i ordered this coffee firstime i got suspicious that is ganna work or not. now i really love this coffee 800 i cant even live without this haha thanks alot!

Hydra Serum Hydra Serum

Green Coffee 8000(18 Sachets)[2 Boxes] Green Coffee 8000(18 Sachets)[2 Boxes]

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Green Coffee 8000(18 Sachets)[1 Box] Green Coffee 8000(18 Sachets)[1 Box]

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